Antigravity yoga

As you can see, this blog is dedicated to all the cool and adventurous things in our life. Yesterday, I've tried a completely new and different way of doing yoga; so called anti-gravity yoga.

Hanging down with your head or flying like an acrobat from circus. You will experience all of these when you sign up for anti-gravity yoga. This new great way of exercising will help you not only lose calories but also tone your body. Hanging in 3 meters long sheets above the ground you will discover all kinds of muscles you never thought of. It looks quite hard and dangerous but you don't have to worry at all; experienced instructor is there to assist you through your lesson.
The exercise is dedicated to everyone, no matter of the age or if you have trained before. The lesson are built for beginners as well as intermediate users.

  • fast and effective way of toning body
  • in 60 minutes lesson, you'll totally clear your head
  • hanging down with your head will help reduce wrinkles
  • great for your back and good effect on women's organs
 It is not recommend for those suffering from:
  • heath blood pressure
  • internal eye pressure
  • serious back injury or surgeries
  • problems with hips
  • pregnancy 

Therefore, if you're getting bored in gym lifting or you've tried several different aerobics including zumba, tae bo and etc, head for anti-gravity yoga which will help you release stress and form your posture.

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