Jumping fitness

Dear ladies,

today, I'd like to share with you my secret weapon. For past 13 months, I've been asked how come I managed to lose almost 13 kilos and dropped from size XL/L to M/S.

I have not only changed my eating habits and cut the carbohydrates but I'm mostly thankful to jumping fitness - an amazing exercise I'll introduce to you today

Jumping fitness is a group exercise on the trampolines accompanied by dyamic music and experienced instructor. It helps improve lung capacity, reduce blood pressure, fight against depression, improve lymphatic flow in veins, reduce level of cholesterol, stimulate metabolism and many more.

The exercise takes approximately 60 minutes and it splits into several section; first you're starting heat-up section for about 3 rounds, then you stretch a little bit. Afterwards you goes with the most dynamic section for about 5 rounds non-stop and finishes with running. Last 15 minutes are dedicated to push-ups and sit-ups on the trampoline or the ground. 

Jumping is becoming quite popular in Bratislava, Slovakia where I'm based right now but I'm 100% sure you can find it everywhere else. I'm not guarantee you'll get the same results like I did because it requires true dedication and each body is used to to something different. But I can definitely guarantee you'll have a lot of fun jumping and find something unique compared to regular zumba or tae-bo classes in your gym.

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